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4 min readNov 15, 2021


Case Study: Advancing Telehealth

When Lensbox came to us with the idea to connect eye care practitioners amidst of Covid-19 pandemic, we said “Yes” right away. We couldn’t wait to leverage the latest technology in creating a much needed product in telehealth and adding our impact to the digital transformation of healthcare.

From Concept To Reality

While the COVID-19 pandemic severely compromised patients’ access to quality medical care, it also restricted eyecare practitioner’s ability to deliver their full range of services. This made us determined to deliver a solution that would serve patients and eyecare practitioners as soon as possible. Working closely with Lensbox founder and Visionary, Sanaz Sheila Bissonnette, we tapped into her wealth of insights about the healthcare system and global eyecare markets to design, code, and launch the mobile application for doctors of optometry in less than 4 months. The final product was a fully compliant telehealth application enhanced with ecommerce and community engagement platforms. Upon release, the application was quickly adopted by dozens of optometrists across Canada and the United States. Doctors of Optometry were now able to interact with their patients via messaging and video calls, make product recommendations and provide prescriptions in real time. They could also submit insurance claims and fulfill orders for contacts and eyeglasses. Meanwhile, patients were able to browse through a directory of eyecare practitioners, book appointments directly with their practitioner of choice, browse and shop for eyecare products, and engage with other Lensbox users to discuss eyecare related topics.

Secure, Convenient, On Demand Healthcare

Lensbox knows what its customers want. Patients expect to have their choice of practitioners and on demand service, while eyecare practitioners want the technology that allows them to deliver quality service while meeting their business objectives. Behind a simple, clean design is a robust secure system that ensures data confidentiality. Lensbox Privacy and Security Policies are in compliance with PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPPA, and ENISA. All data transmitted through telehealth sessions are fully encrypted to protect patients and practitioners. At the end of each session, all history is deleted from both user devices. Among many other features, we created a convenient payment system that is easy to set up and use for both doctors and their patients. Both financial transactions and medical records are safeguarded using industry’s top security protocols. As the worldwide pandemic continues and operating through virtual platforms become the norm, the Lensbox mobile app continues to evolve with increased functionality to seamlessly fulfill patient needs and eyecare practitioners’ operating and business objectives.

“Collaborating closely with Fifth-LLC, we were able to leverage our medical expertise with their technical brilliance to produce a full suite of telehealth products including AI, AR, and EMR (Electronic Medical Records).”

Doctor of Optometry, British Columbia, Canada

Full Cycle Product Development

Lensbox founder Sanaz Sheila Bissonnette is a visionary and an eyecare industry executive with deep connections, but without the technical background. She hired Fifth as Lensbox’s offshore development agency to manage and execute all technical aspects of product research, design, development, ongoing maintenance, and future releases. As a first-time tech founder, she relied on Fifth to establish processes to bring the product to market. Through close collaboration on this project, we have learned about the eyecare industry and the latest breakthroughs in telehealth and telemedicine technology. Lensbox embodies the collaborative and co-creative relationships that the Fifth team enjoys with its clients.

“Having worked with multiple digital agencies in the past, Fifth-LLC’s brilliance, dedication and passion for the digital space creates a new benchmark. Their agility and limitless creativity empower visionaries like me to frontier and pathfind new disruptive technologies to innovate old industries. “

Lensbox Founder & Visionary, Sanaz Sheila Bissonnette

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