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3 min readSep 8, 2021


Well, it’s time already. We are quite opinionated about building future-ready solutions for business problems.

As a development agency, we have a unique view on technology. Our clients often come to us with a vision or an idea for a product, and they then rely on us to advise them on what’s possible. We’ve worked with hundreds of tech entrepreneurs over the years, co-creating solutions for intriguing and often challenging problems.

But for us, it’s not just about innovation in technology. We are also pretty proud of the social, environmental, and financial impact we helped create to make a world a better place.

For example, we created better automated systems for secure infrastructures with Siemplify. We also enabled expanded access to healthcare during Covid-19 pandemic with Lensbox. We even helped dramatically reduce waste in the fashion supply chain with Swatchbook.

So why join the Medium community now?

After using Medium to learn and read about our industry’s experience, we decided to join the conversation by sharing our thoughts on technology trends, collaboration and leadership for distributed global teams, and entrepreneurship.

We believe that our work with the global community of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and developers, keeps us at the forefront of technology trends. We have also seen many ideas come to fruition, succeed, or fail. We recognize that technology is just one piece of the recipe, alongside leadership, funding, team culture, market readiness, and feature roadmap. Over time, we learned a lot of related lessons that we bring in our relationships with our clients, and we want to share them with the world at large.

Finally, we believe that tech entrepreneurship has the capacity to solve some of the most urgent social and environmental issues facing our global community, and we want to enable as many entrepreneurs as possible. Even if we won’t get to build those products, we still want to see them built. That’s why we are happy to share what we learned along the way.

So join us, drop us a line at hello@fifth-llc.com, or comment below. Let’s change the world together!

About Fifth LLC.

FIFTH is an exceptional team of 35+ developers, designers and a new generation of scientists. The three co-founders with backgrounds in quantum physics, molecular physics, astrophysics, applied mathematics and artificial intelligence met at a university 9 years ago. They bonded over their shared love of technology and a keen sense of its business applications, starting a team that has built over 200 digital products to date.

We live and work in beautiful Armenia, and our clients hail from the Silicon Valley, Europe and Hong Kong. What we all have in common is the drive to elevate our clients’ business to the next level and create them loyal fans in the process. We build rich, interactive, fully integrated digital products that delight the users and are easy to update and maintain.



Fifth LLC.

We build digital products that delight the users and write about our take on technology trends.