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3 min readSep 22, 2021


Case Study: B2B Augmented Reality Platform

From Idea To Proof-Of-Concept In 2 Months

We met swatchbook’s, co-founders when they had just an idea to simplify material selection and visualize it on the final product in 3D on the web. They believed that it would eliminate unnecessary time and expenses as clients wait for physical swatches or product samples to arrive. However, they were not sure if 3D visualization in real time was even possible from a technical standpoint. We got excited by the challenge and built a proof of concept MVP in 2 months. That early model convinced our clients and their backers that there was a viable business model, and they were inspired to make it a reality. Fifth became the lead development agency to build the full-feature platform.

From MVP To Commercial Success

Over the last 5 years, Fifth has overseen all technical aspects of the swatchbook platform. We gradually completed the MVP, helped onboard paying clients, and shipped feature after feature to delight swatchbook users. For example, a swatchbook user can take a photo of any material, texture, colour scheme and instantly see what it will look like on a final product in 3D. A highly realistic rendering shows the product in different light conditions (studio, daylight, retail) to help a user make a design decision. This visualization process relies among other things on background-mode photo rendering, a highly complex, real-time process. We’re really proud to build technically difficult features like this that result in a seamless user experience.

Swatchbook App User Interface

If You Can Imagine It, Our Developers Can Build It

After 4 years, swatchbook is enjoying a period of rapid business growth. With a stable product, our clients have turned attention to advanced features, custom analytics, and better systems to accommodate its growth. They love coming to our team with innovative ideas, simply asking: “Is it possible?” Our developers then brainstorm the solutions and propose timelines and detailed feature descriptions. It’s a highly collaborative process that is enhanced by our deep understanding of the product, customers, and the industry ecosystem that we’ve learned over the years of working together.

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